Farm Pick Up Eggs

Wednesdays and Sundays

**24 hours or more in advanced ordering is required**

8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Order your eggs for a Farm House driveway pick up. 516 W Q Street Rio Linda. Simply fill out the form below.......your eggs will be waiting for your arrival. Merely pull up into our farmhouse driveway and you'll see the sales table there. All orders will be clearly marked with your name.

One doz -   $5.00

Five doz-    $20.00

Ten doz-     $35.00


Prepayment with PayPay is required. 

Use as the payee

Our hens are farm fed with 100% vegetarian feeds that we grow (cactus and field crops), *true* open ranging of over twenty acres where natural greens are consumed. No animal product feed. No cages. No chemicals. No antibiotics. A clean environment. We treat our animals with great respect. Eggs are not sorted for perfect appearance or sizes....we sell as naturally, they are. We do not scrub clean the eggs... nor use oils to make them shinny. Our eggs are just like what your grandparents ate. Nothing less.