Guided Farm Tours

Guided Tour Hours:


April 9th  through May 14

September 10th through  October 15th

Farmer Deno or Dr. Jeanette Treiber gives free weekday (Mondays only) guided tours of the farm if you are a church, school, private group (26 or more) or a handicapped individual. Two week advance notice is required for a tour.

​​Individuals may do self guided tours  with email approval .

Our tours are energized with lots of information about our.... mostly unknown.... sustainable farming practices. One example of this is do we determine when to harvest fruit from the orchards...using birds as a major factor. Lots of info about why our produce is being grown just as it was....50 years ago. The orchards will be in full the boysenberries will be also. We allow folks to grab a fruit during the touring. Then we have the animals....all are spoiled from engagements with our tourist. The tour is very entertaining indeed. Lots more to say here.....but too much to list.
9 a.m. tours start . Tour length of time depends on ages and/or time allowed by visitors. Late arrivals WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO JOIN THE GROUP....strictly enforced. Arrive early!
Please note: we do NOT allow cell phone conversations... camera use is fine. This is enforced by asking the user to leave.
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