Farm to Home Deliveries


One doz -   $6.00

Five doz-    $20.00


Delivered once a week....on Wednesdays.

The minimum order is one dozen for each week of the month. No exception unless you go on vacation.

The eggs are placed on your front porch.

No charge for home deliveries.

Please read our terms below before ordering!
A billing envelope is placed with your eggs on the second to the last Wednesday of each month. Simply place cash (no checks) in the provided envelope ....and place the same provided envelope where your eggs are dropped off....the following last Wednesday of each month

We bill for however many Wednesdays there were in the month of delivering eggs. A Pay Pal payment is required the same day if you forgot to leave out your a $4.00 service fee. Folks that are repetitively late with their payments.... will have the service ended. Our hens are very impatient for their money.

We take FULL responsibility should an issue of missing envelopes or eggs arises.

These are real farm eggs! Most are brown eggs.... rarely with a white. Eggs are mostly large.....but there will be smaller ones "here and there". Our eggs are not cosmetically perfect....we do not chemically wash nor use chemicals to shine them up. Sometimes the hens do not lay eggs due to extremely hot weather, brooding and/or molting.....there will be a shortage (up to several weeks) a few times per year. We may deliver a day or two earlier/later due to holidays. We will email you of any change. All cartons must be returned during the month.



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