Free Home - Subscription Deliveries

Pasture raise hens - No cages -No warehousing - We treat our animals with the highest respect

Check here for our service area and to order.
We cannot deliver to apartments.

One doz  - $6.oo per wk of the month

Five doz - $25.oo  per wk of the month

Minimum orders must be one dozen per week of the month. 


Delivered on the first Thursday and the third Thursday of each month.

New accounts will have their order delivered on the closest delivery day.


Pay on the third Thursday of each month.

We prefer payment to be cash.

Pay accepted - add a $2.oo fee

A billing envelope is placed with your eggs on the first Thursday of each month. Use it for the payment due on the third Thursday. Use Pay Pal or simply place cash in the provided envelope and place where your eggs are dropped off on the third Thursdays of each month. We bill for however many Thursdays there were in that month. We send out email reminders for your payments 24 hours in advance. Late payments must be made within 3 days with PayPal or email us for arrangements.

If you need a temporary stop delivery for your vacation.....let us know.

We take FULL responsibility for missing eggs or cash payments.

Please read below: conditions for service!

The eggs are placed on your front porch.

Cartons are to be returned / payment on the third Thursday of each month.

Open and stack please!  Cartons not returned will be a charged of $0.50 each.

Repetitive late payments....we'll have to drop service.