Free Home - Subscription Deliveries

If you don't like your first week's eggs

Cancel and there be no charge!

One doz brown eggs (or more) per week  $5.oo ea

(January 2022 deliveries will be twice monthly)

Ten doz - $40.oo 

We cannot deliver to apartments

Delivered once a week.....on Wednesdays.

Pay at the end of the month (no advanced payments required)

We prefer the payment method to be cash.

Pay Pal. is accepted with a $2.oo fee.

We take FULL responsibility for missing eggs or cash payments.

The minimum order is one dozen for each week of the month.

We cannot deliver to apartments.

Delivered each exception unless you go on vacation.

The eggs are placed on your front porch.

We do not chemically wash our eggs.

Egg sizes vary from medium to large.

Cartons are to be returned at the end of each month.

Cartons not subject to a $.50 charge per carton.

A billing envelope is placed with your eggs on the second to the last Wednesday of each month. Use Pay Pal or simply place cash in the provided envelope and place the same provided envelope where your eggs are dropped off....the following last Wednesday of each month. We bill for however many Wednesdays there are in the month of delivering eggs.

Repetitive late payments will terminate our services.